Undergraduate Minor:

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Undergraduate Minor:


Admission into the Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences is declared through BlazerNet. Please select this link for additional information concerning the specific admission requirements for the Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Science.

The Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Science is designed to complement your main program of study. The Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences is available to any current UAB student in good academic standing. Before declaring a Minor in Nutrition Sciences, you must take and pass “NTR 222, Nutrition and Health.” All courses in the Nutrition Minor are offered online. Declaring a Minor in Nutrition Sciences is done through BlazerNet: www.uab.edu/BlazerNet.


All students in the Undergraduate Minor of Nutrition Sciences program complete coursework through a planned program of study that is tailored to meet your needs. The curriculum will help assist you in knowing the facts and be able to access evidence-based information which will allow you to be an informed consumer. Our curriculum is tailored to administer a foundation of awareness in the study of nutrition science that focuses on how nutrition can be used to help prevent disease and maintain good health throughout the lifespan.

The Nutrition minor requires that you successfully complete a total of 18 semester hours of coursework, as outlined below. You will complete 15 semester hours of core courses and an additional 3 semester hours of one of the approved electives to complete the Minor in Nutrition Sciences.

“NTR 222 Nutrition and Health” is a pre-requisite for all courses.

Required Courses

NTR 222: Nutrition and Health – offered Fall, Spring, Summer

*NTR 232: Lifecycle Nutrition – offered Spring

*NTR 320: Nutrition and the Consumer – offered Spring

*NTR 330: Nutrition and Metabolism – offered Summer

*NTR 420: Nutrition Genetics – offered Fall

*Courses offered only online

Elective Courses

ANTH 319: Food and Culture

PE 405: Nutrition and Physical Activity

HE 222: Concepts of Health and Fitness

**Each required course and each elective course are 3 credit hours.

Other elective courses may be approved by Dr. Elizabeth Kitchin (bkitchin@uab.edu), Director of the undergraduate minor in Nutrition Sciences, or Dr. Jose Fernandez (jose@uab.edu), Vice Chair of the Education Mission of the Department of Nutrition Sciences.


Have an immediate question about the Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences program? You might find it in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Click this link for more inquiries.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Nutrition Minor?

Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Kitchin (bkitchin@uab.edu), the Director of the program.

How do I find my registration time?

If you are an enrolled student, then you can view your registration time status on BlazerNet, this is called Registration Time Ticket. If this registration time has passed, then you can register during any time that registration is available.

How do I register for classes in the Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences?

Before declaring an Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences, you must take and pass NTR 222 Nutrition and Health. NTR 222 is a pre-requisite requirement for all other courses in the Nutrition minor. Currently enrolled students register for classes online in BlazerNet. Access to BlazerNet requires a BlazerID and password. Once logged in, select the Student tab -> registration -> choose the appropriate term -> in the subject box type NTR for Nutrition Science -> Course Search. This will bring up classes that are offered for the current semester term.

What can I do if a course isn’t allowing me to register due to seats being filled?

You may contact the instructor of the course to receive an override to register for the course.

Faculty and Staff

The Department of Nutrition Sciences world-class faculty consist of educators, scholars and researchers who create a culture of discovery, collaboration and innovation. We embrace social responsibility, healthy lifestyles and visionary thinking. Our faculty pride themselves in providing exceptional on-the-spot training and lifelong mentoring. Click here for a listing of our faculty and to review the exciting things that they are doing to advance the discovery of nutrition sciences.

Our faculty and staff are here for you. Please click on the link below that best helps you find who you need.

  • All Faculty and Staff
  • Primary Faculty
  • Secondary Faculty
  • Emeritus Faculty
  • Staff – Department
  • Staff – Research
  • Ph.D. Students
  • Postdoctoral Fellows

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