University Of Aberdeen VS University Of Edinburgh

University Of Aberdeen Logo

University Of Aberdeen VS University Of Edinburgh

It’s time to accept the best Scottish city guys

Aberdeen University is the most under-appreciated uni in Scotland, it lies in the shadows of the more popular unis.

But now we are rising up and becoming more and more popular it’s about time people started admitting that Aberdeen is better than Glasgow and Edinburgh. So are here our some reasons why we think you should be proud of Aberdeen.

Our uni is the prettiest

We may not be as high as either Glasgow or Edinburgh in the league tables, but I think we win the prettiest campus award.

With the medieval buildings of Kings and New Kings, to the 21st century state of the art Sir Duncan Rice library. You can relax on Elphinstone Lawn on sunny days, or have a hot drink in our campus Starbucks when it’s cold outside.

Our medical school is also apparently the first one established in Scotland, possibly even the English speaking world.

We’re smaller 

Glasgow has over 26,000 students, and Edinburgh is even bigger with over 35,000. Aberdeen only has 14,000. Aberdeen itself is a smaller city than Edinburgh or Glasgow, which can be a good thing if you’re just getting introduced to city-life, or want a break from a bigger city.

People tend to actually talk to each other in smaller cities, and people are usually nicer.

North is better than South

We’re hardcore, Aberdeen is on the North-East coast of Scotland so we get the freezing North-sea wind.

Also because of how far north we are, seeing the Northern Lights are not that unusual. Edinburgh and Glasgow are basically Northern England.

We don’t have rain

Well, hardly any rain.

The North East of Scotland is apparently the driest region in Scotland, we get less rain that the West coast of Scotland and less than the South.

We were also named the UK’s sunniest city.

We’re not as posh as Edinburgh

When you think of posh, Aberdeen is not the first thing that comes to mind. We may be a wealthy city, but Aberdonians are not posh.

Edinburgh is number nine on the list of  how private school your uni is, whereas Aberdeen graced the list at a modest 18 with 20% of AU students being from private schools . Glasgow is even less posh as Aberdeen as they were number 27 on the list.

Edinburgians even sound posher than Aberdonians and Glaswegians, they basically don’t have an Scottish accent.

We have an actual mascot


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