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To submit an expense claim use OneSource Finance Self Service.

  • OneSource Finance user guides
  • Expenses and Travel Guidance: updated January 2016

OneSource Finance information page

The OneSource Finance page can be found here

The Expenses and Benefits Policy provides guidance on the expenses and benefits provided by the University. This is accessible from the Policy Zone.

This page also contains links for registering for the Finance System, login to Finance Self Service, useful tools you can use when calculating expenses, user guides, FAQ’s and much more.


Undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to claim expenses should contact their school office to submit expenses on their behalf.

Before a Student expense claim can be entered, the individual claiming the expense must be registered in the OneSource Finance system. Members of staff can register a student via the Student Expenses Set Up form.

Non University Staff

To process a Non University Staff Expense please use Non-University Staff Expenses form

The Cash Advances detailed procedure is accessible from the Policy Zone.

Members of staff who undertake foreign travel may claim a cash advance if they will incur expenditure on behalf of the University whilst on the trip.  Cash advances are only available for overseas travel and are paid in GBP to the staff member’s bank account.  The amount of the advance should be kept to a minimum with expenditure being incurred through normal procurement processes wherever possible.  On their return the member of staff must submit an expense claim to account for the expenditure and any outstanding cash should be returned to Finance.  Staff will not be issued with another advance until outstanding advances are cleared.  Advances require 5 working days notification.

  • Advance Claim Form (GBP Only)

This form must be completed and authorised in order to claim an Advance. Once completed it should be sent to:

Cash Office
University Office
King’s College
AB23 4FX



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