University of Alabama at Birmingham Financial Statements

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University of Alabama at Birmingham Financial Statements

Office of UAB Chief Financial Officer and Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs

The Office of the UAB Chief Financial Officer is responsible for overall management of UAB Financial Affairs.

The mission of UAB Financial Affairs is to provide a flexible, creative, and customer service oriented approach to safeguarding UAB’s financial integrity.

Financial Affairs (organizational chart of all departments within Financial Affairs)

UAB Expenditures (searchable expenditure inquiry by period and supplier)

UAB CFO Announcement

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing all UAB cash disbursements other than those made through the UAB Payroll Department. The staff of account representatives and data entry operators performs a wide variety of functions to ensure accurate and prompt payment of vendor invoices issued in accordance with UAB policy and procedures. Accounts Payable services include:

  • Processing Invoices
    • Processing Purchase Order Invoices
    • Processing Credit Invoices
    • Processing Debit Memos
    • Recurring Invoices
    • Invoice Approval Notifications
    • Invoice Look Up
    • Invoice Terminology
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Form Processing
    • 1099 Processing
  • Statement Reconciliation
    • Reconciles vendor statements
  • Payments and Checks
    • Payments
    • Check Production
    • Stop Payments
    • Foreign Draft
    • Check Status
    • Cancelled Checks
    • Voiding Checks
    • Manual Checks
    • Payment Check Number
    • Returned Checks
    • Refund Checks
  • Wire Disbursements
    • Wire Disbursements
  • Utilities
    • Utilities

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