University of Alabama At Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Alabama At Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center

wti-smallOne of the nation’s leading cancer research and treatment centers, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center located in a six-state area that includes Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia. UAB’s cancer services are routinely recognized as being among the nation’s best.

From bench to bedside, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is at the forefront of improving cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and researchers here have pioneered advances in chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and nutrition.

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is recognized around the world as a leader in developing innovative monoclonal antibody approaches to cancer therapy. The Center conducts clinical trials using genetically engineered monoclonal antibodies alone or armed with a payload of immunotoxins, chemotherapy drugs, or radioactive isotopes to specifically target a broad array of cancers, including breast, gastrointestinal tract, lung, ovary, head and neck, brain tumors, and lymphomas.

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a full array of treatment options from multidisciplinary clinics filled with experts from across cancer fields to the latest state-of-the-art technology. The center is home to an outstanding faculty of more than 330 physicians and researchers, many of whom are internationally and nationally recognized for their expertise in oncology. The Cancer Center treats an estimated 5,000 new patients each year.

Mission: The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center works every day to provide the highest quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer, while advancing the world’s understanding of cancer, and translating this knowledge into prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship.

Vision: The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center intends to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem.

Contact Us

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

Physical Address:
1824 6th Avenue South
Wallace Tumor Institute 202
Birmingham, AL  35233

Mailing Address:
1720 2nd Avenue South
WTI 202
Birmingham, AL  35294-3300

Important Phone Numbers:

Cancer Center Administration: (205) 934-5077

Office of Development & Community Relations: (205) 934-0930

Patient Information/Make an Appointment: 1-800-UAB-0933 or (205) 975-8222

General Information:


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