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Our free online courses are designed to be undertaken by large numbers of learners and draws on community participation to encourage a social learning experience. You will be guided through the courses with features such as video, case studies, articles, course work and group discussions.

We currently offer two free online courses via the Future Learn platform:

Africa: Sustainable Development For All?

Open for booking

This course is open to anyone interested in food and wellbeing, and assumes no prior knowledge.

Short Free 6 week online course

How much progress has Africa made towards inclusive development and how much progress does Africa need to make post 2015? This short course provides you with an introduction to study of the region for if you have a passion and interest in sustainable development.

‘Africa as a continent is rich in natural resources and has increasing wealth in some areas. But there are many countries in sub-Saharan Africa that continue to perform poorly on important development indicators – poverty, hunger and unemployment remain high, while access to maternal and reproductive health is limited.’

This free online course will introduce learners to these inequalities and, as the UN shapes its post 2015 development agenda this year, we will ask whether we can achieve sustainable development for all in sub- Saharan Africa.’

Dr Homans – Course Director

Testimonials from the previous course:

Week 1
‘Amazing course! It is addictive. Looking forward to the next sessions…’
Week 2
‘Wow – I didn’t think this course would be so fascinating – not just the information but also the interaction with the other participants from all countries and backgrounds. It’s fast becoming an obsession! Well done for week 2’

Week 3
I have learnt that we must make the invisible visible!’

Week 4
‘I am really enjoying this course and wish it was a mandatory subject in the school curriculum here in Australia.


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