University Of Aberdeen Grading System

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University Of Aberdeen Grading System

The University Common Grading Scale, CGS, provides a common marking scale which is used across the University. This enables candidates to compare their performance in different disciplines and courses and ensures consistency in assessment.

The Common Grading Scale in full comprises 23 discrete Grades grouped into seven Bands with an associated Grade Point for each grade. These Grade Points are used to:

i.  determine the overall course mark from a number of components, and

ii. to determine overall honours degree classification or progression and award within a PGT award.

Determining an Assessment Grade:


1.  Assess the descriptor band into which the work falls (A – G)

2.  Starting grade is always the middle of the band (e.g., A3, B2, C2, …)

3.  Adjust the grade up or down within the band depending on the extent to which the descriptors are met.

Each band has two associated Descriptors (one for essay-based courses and one for more numerical-based courses). There will be some forms of assessment (e.g. practical exams) where it may be necessary for these to be tailored to meet the specific learning outcomes of the assessment.

Band descriptors should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Level descriptors. The Band Descriptors should be used to inform the judgement as to which grade should be awarded for a piece of assessment. In doing so, it is important that this is done in the context that the top band represents the best that a candidate at that SCQF level could be expected to achieve. Candidates should be made aware of the band descriptors for each assessment. It should be noted that this means a grade obtained at one level is not equivalent to the same grade awarded at a different level.



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