University Of Aberdeen Accounting And Finance

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University Of Aberdeen Accounting And Finance

Earning potential is just one of the benefits of being an accountant. In addition, an accounting qualification can open doors worldwide in any industry.

This specialised ‘conversion’ programme is designed to enhance employment prospects. It assumes little or no business knowledge at undergraduate level and helps graduates from any discipline break into this highly skilled profession, gaining the key business skills to advance a career in the finance sector in a single year.

A career in accounting or financial services requires an in-depth understanding of both the theory and practical knowledge of accounting and finance. This programme offers students the opportunity to master a wide range of financial tools and acquire a solid foundation of key accounting and finance topics. You do not need to have studied accounting or finance before in order to develop the necessary skills for management roles in these areas.

Led by renowned Academics and top practitioners, you will gain access to the latest finance research, software and techniques. Our strong links with financial institutions, recruiters and practitioners ensure a focus on tangible, marketable employability skills, relevant to the real financial world.

We will provide you with industry certifications from one of the most prestigious accounting bodies in the world, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW). Our Professional Accounting module comes complete with the International Reporting Standards Certificate, IFRS used by the majority of countries around the world.

You will have access to top notch facilities, including the UK’s First University Trading Room with Thomson-Reuters Eikon. This virtual trading room gives you access to the same professional tool used by major international financial services companies. You can earn the Thomson Reuters Eikon and Datastream certificates to demonstrate your ability to handle professional investing tools.

Compulsory Courses

Quantitative methods (BU5025)

 Issues In Corporate Finance (BU5034)
 Accounting (BU5031)

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