University Of Alabama At Birmingham Biology

University Of Alabama At Birmingham Biology

Biology in the 21st Century

“Glass Beads Coated in Algal Extract” by Jessica Reynolds.Want to be a doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, ecologist, genetic counselor, or a professor? Do you want to cure cancer, Ebola, or Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe you want to help endangered species, discover new viruses, work in a biotech company, be a science journalist, design eco-friendly gardens, or save the environment from the consequences of climate change. UAB’s Biology Department is the place for you.

Our world-class scientists provide world-class training. We place more undergraduates in health-related professional schools and in nationwide PhD programs than any department in any university in Alabama. We provide a wide range of hands-on research activities for our students, including a broad range of laboratory opportunities as well as the possibility of fieldwork at remote sites such as the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Galápagos Islands, and Antarctica. Our graduate students go on to distinguished careers in many fields and win national prizes for their research.

So come on inside our web site. Look around. Feel the excitement. You truly will find “knowledge that will change your world.”

Academic Programs in the Department of Biology

“My First Protein Crystal” by Biology student Derek Moates. The Biology Department offers a full spectrum of bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees.

Find Your Place in Our Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program offers broad training in areas from cell biology to physiology to ecology. It prepares students for medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, or veterinary school, jobs in conservation, wildlife biology, biotech, graduate degrees, or just . . . life. There are three tracks for our students to choose from (general, marine, and molecular) and two minors. Completion of any of the tracks includes all prerequisites for medical, dental, optometry, or pharmacy schools. Advanced students can take advantage or our excellent honors program and the 5th Year Programs. You can even get a teaching certificate. We invite you to explore the possibilities!

Our Graduate Students Learn From and Work with Experts

Our graduate programs focus on integrative and comparative approaches in the context of numerous research specialties of our faculty. These specialties range from cancer biology to conservation of endangered species, from ecophysiology to endocrinology, and from nutrition to aging. A core of our faculty are involved in some aspect of aquatic and marine biology. Many of our faculty have been recognized by the University and national biological organizations for their excellence in teaching and research. The Department offers both masters and doctoral programs.

Contact Us

Office of the Dean

(205) 934-5643


Physical Address:
560 Heritage Hall
1401 University Boulevard

Get directions from the UAB Campus Map

Mailing Address:
1720 2nd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1152



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